How To Down/Hack A Website Using CmdCmd Easy Steps

Down Any website by CMD In technical or Hacking language it is also called Denial-Service- Attack.This attack method very famous between hacker. First I am thing show you DOS attack by BACKTRACK 5 but i am final that i am show this attack on Windows by help of COMMAND (Command Prompt) because command of BackTrack 5 are not simple for everyone.

What is the working of DOS attack?

In DOS attack hacker attack on the site like many person or threat for a simple example when a big university launch his Result then many excited student access the site Database simultaneously then if site very poor then some time it down or crash.

So let start,first open your CMD and type

ping name which you want

This command given you site IP address for help look below pic..

After found the IP address Open the Notepad and type...

ping -t -l 65500

Save as SHW.bat Remember extension of site always .bat exit and save it on Desktop. Watch below pic...
After save the file Close the notepad and go to desktop where you can see your save file like below pic...
Open it by double click,when you open this file then it shown like below picture and some line execute like 'Request timed out'...

Many time this line Execute but you wait for some time it show you result.

For successful DOS attacks it is necessary you have a good and fast internet connection,but never try it because your IP trace by Webhost company and you go to jail.

For check site is down or not go to this site and enter your site address...

This thread only knowledge purpose,Naijhome or me never responsible for any damage.

On My Next Tutorial I Will Teach You How To Create A Computer Virus And Shout down Computers By Sending It To People Via Mail.

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