Have you ever seen comments on facebook pages with more engagements? What are these? How it floats to top even when many comments are done before that particular comment? The comment which are made after your comment will go to top and your comment may stay at same place.

Thats How Comment Ranking works!

What is Comment Ranking on Facebook?

Whenever people comment on any facebook posts, comments with most engagements (like and replies) goes to top and others with no relevancy goes down. Comments with most relevant idea or answers get more exposure from other people by replies and likes. These comments floats on top and you can see them via Top Comments option, right down the facebook posts.

Earlier this ranking system was only for facebook pages or profiles with more than 10k followers. But now, When comment replies are now available for facebook profiles, It can be enabled on profiles too.

In this post, I am going to share a very quick tutorial on how to activate or enable comment rankings on facebook profiles. Steps are too easy to follow. Lets start!

How to Enable Comment Ranking For Facebook Profiles?
1. Log in to your facebook account.

2. Now go to Settings > Followers.

3. There, You will see a option of Comment Ranking. Select On.

4. Thats All. Comment Rankings are now on for your profile.

Now you can test it by simply posting a status. Did it? Congratulations. :DNow enjoy it and share it with your friends too.

Discussion is not over. Let me know your views on facebook's comment ranking system for facebook profiles.

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